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What is SGE Scout

Google recently unveiled its new Search Generative Experience (SGE) which uses AI to enhance search results. This new search experience is still in early preview, but it has the potential to greatly impact search rankings and visibility.

Our tool allows you to easily check if your website is appearing in Google’s new AI-powered search results. Just enter your URL below and we’ll analyze the latest SGE data to see if your site is being surfaced.

Key Features of SGE Scout

Bulk Index Checker is a simple Google Chrome extension that packs all simple yet impactful features

bulk google index checks instantly
Bulk Checks

Analyze Google Indexing Status of multiple URLs in a snap.

clear direct insights
Clear, Direct Insights

Instantly see whether your website is appearing in SGE results or not.

User-Centric Design​

Intuitive and easy, for both SEO Beginners and Experts alike.

SGE Scout Users Love It

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Key Factors for Ranking on SGE

While Google’s ranking algorithms for SGE are still being developed, early tests show some key factors that can influence rankings:

Bulk index checker saves time
High-quality, In Depth Content

SGE favors sites with thorough, authoritative information on a topic

Bulk Index checker chrome extension gives precise results
Clear, Semantic HTML Markup

This helps the AI understand page content

Bulk Index checker is a chrome extension by Codezy
Mobile Optimization

fast loading and mobile optimization is Important for providing a good user experience

BIC (Bulk Index Checker) provides actionable insights by dividing indexed and non-indexed URLs and reports
Backlinks from Reputable Sites

External references boost a site's credibility

So even though SGE uses AI, many traditional SEO best practices still apply. Our tool provides optimization tips specific to your site to improve visibility.

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